Market Research- Competitive Analysis


You are an artist, you are unique, talented and special! But even artists have to compete in a market to be able to sell their art! If you want to start selling your creations or you already sell online, you have to know your business competitors. Ecommerce competition is an important factor that should be taken in consideration for a business marketing strategy.

We will gather important information on your business’ top competitors. Our competitive analysis will help you understand where you stand compared to your competition. It will let you know what you are doing right, what you should do better, what type of marketing practices and tools you should be implementing on your business, and what type of content you should be sharing, among other things.




You will receive a competitive analysis to your provided email address.

I will need the following information from you.

Please send to

  1. Email address
  2. Website URL
  3. Your social media business links
  4. Competitors Business Names (if you know who they are)
  5. Where are you located? Do you plan to sell locally? Globally? Any specific regions you want to concentrate on?
  6. What is your company’s mission?




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